May 18 - September 15 2012

The Port of Rijeka - Introduction

The Port of RijekaOnce people used to say that "Rijeka is the port, the port is Rijeka". This really was true, because the development of the town of Rijeka did not begin until it got an important port, and the port itself with its numerous and extensive activities and functions could not exist without all the advantages of an ambitious town. In fact, already at the beginning of the 20th century people said that Rijeka looked like a metropolis in spite of its low number of inhabitants. The town really lived with and of the port, which was always of state interest, and the atmosphere there was a cosmopolitan one.

The real importance of Rijeka and its port began in 1719 when Emperor Charles VI proclaimed Rijeka a free port, which made it important for the entire Empire.

At the beginning of the 20th century it was one of the leading European ports. Rijeka's citizens are proud of this even today and wish that history repeats itself for their town and port.

This exhibition, which has been presented in several towns, is a summary of our research on the history of the Port of Rijeka.

Ervin Dubrović
Director of the City Museum of Rijeka

The Port of Rijeka
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